John J. Calvert, Administrator, Inventors Assistance Program, United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

Download PART 1 – Inventor Resources:John Calvert, Administrator, Inventor Assistance Program for the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) talks about all the resources available from the USPTO, Hotline, website and more.

Download PART 2 – USPTO information:John Calvert continues with more information and answers emailed questions to Host Brian Fried and Call-In questions. John describes types of patents and information on how to file a patent.

Download PART 3 – USPTO and Inventors:John Calvert continues with information for inventors on Patents and answers more call in questions

Download PART 4 – Patent Information:John continues and explains what happens to your patent application once submitted to USPTO and the help available to the independent inventor.

John has responsibility of the Inventors assistance program, which includes inventor outreach and university outreach initiatives. The USPTO has made outreach and education a high priority due to the increased interest in intellectual property both by business and education.

Prior to being named Administrator, John had been responsible for supervising as many as 25 examiners in the area of textile technology and in the area of absorbent products. He also served as Acting Director for the Office of Independent Inventor Programs.