Chip Fisher, Inventor of FDA Approved Medical Device

The son of the legendary stereo pioneer, Avery Fisher, Chip Fisher is currently the President of Fisher Wallace Laboratories.

Chip earned his BA from Harvard University in 1978. After graduation, he worked for IBM in the Data Processing Division. He later founded and sold several companies before founding Fisher Wallace Labs in 2006 with the late Martin Wallace, PhD.

Chip serves on the boards of Avery Fisher Artists Program and the Virtual Music Academy. He resides in New York City.

Fisher Wallace (, manufactures a cranial electrotherapy stimulator (CES) device that is FDA cleared to treat insomnia, depression and anxiety. The device uses patented radio frequencies to stimulate serotonin, GABA and beta-endorphins. It’s a novel therapy: a hand held and inexpensive device that does not require prescription drugs or medical professionals to administer.

There have been 30 studies on the safety and efficacy of the therapy with current research from Harvard, Columbia and the University of Maryland coming out within the next year.