Ken Post- Successful Inventor

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Ken Post ( is the inventor of the windshield and multi-purpose cleaning tool and market. The tool design is famous for its distinctive handle and pivoting cleaning heads that work with various microfiber cleaning bonnets to access and clean hard-to-reach areas. His original design, invented in 1998, is still being sold in many catalogs and online under the brand name Glass Master. His tool product line is also sold in nearly 30,000 national retail locations under the Invisible Glass Reach and Clean brand name. And while there are various knock-off versions of the tool available, Ken’s patented tool is the only version sold through traditional retail markets; such as auto retail and general cleaning retail.

Ken is also a Marketing Manager for Consumer Solutions, Inc. (CSI). With his entrepreneurial spirit, nearly 14 years of invention experience, and professional marketing background, Ken works with CSI to help inventors get their products to market. Over the years Ken has worked to build product lines using many different skill sets, including: writing and directing infomercials, package design, corporate relations, national trade show pitchman, voice-over talent, product design, and inventor consultant. Ken has also presented his products on QVC and HSN.
Ken is currently working directly with inventors as an inventor consultant. His company is called Invention and Inventor Authority.

Ken is a graduate of Wayne State University of Michigan and currently resides in West Bloomfield, MI with his wife Judy and their four children.