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Interview: Jim Tilberry, Tilberry Direct Marketing-Learn about launching your invention in catalogs on Got Invention Radio


Jim Tilberry has worked in marketing for 35 years. He started his career in 1976 at a mail order company in Canton, Ohio. As marketing director he wrote and placed ads for a variety of mass-market products such as exercise devices, diet pills, and computerized horoscopes.

A few years later Jim worked as a freelance advertising copywriter in Seattle, Washington. On one serendipitous sales call in 1985 the client asked him to help get their product, stove burner covers, into mail order catalogs. Knowing absolutely nothing about the catalog business, he agreed to take on this challenge. The stove burner covers became his very first catalog product.

Although the burner covers didn’t sell particularly well, Jim saw that there was a good opportunity to help companies sell their products through catalogs. He shifted gears in his business and for the next 26 years Jim worked as a rep specializing in placing products into catalogs. During this time he has sold hundreds of products focusing mainly on new consumer inventions that make life easier. Jim lives and works in Streamwood, Illinois a suburb of Chicago.

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