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Interview: Kevin and Melissa Kiernan, Inventors of Last Lid, Featured on Shark Tankon Got Invention Radio


The revolutionary Last Lid is simple, practical and useful: a one-size-fits-all garbage lid made out of nearly indestructible military-quality fabric that always keeps in the trash, was featured in an episode of ABC “Shark Tank,” on Friday evening, February 17, 2012 and made a deal with Daymond John, one of the Sharks.

Kevin and Melissa Kiernan, the inventors, have created a product that solves a common problem, when wind blows garbage cans over, the lid often pops off and trash flows all over the street. Frequently, someone drives over the lid and now a new can must be purchased since lids are not sold separately. In addition, the Last Lid is a solution to animals breaking lids and creating havoc.

The Last Lid can stretch over most popular-sized cans as Velcro holds it in place. The Last Lid is put on quickly and is easy for trash collectors to remove. Last Lids are flexible, always fit just right and guarantee animal proof, weatherproof protection for life.

Unlike regular lids, the Last Lid can be easily cleaned in the wash machine which results in a fresh and new appearance. With an expandable design, it provides extra room at the top for large trash items.
“I’m solving a common household problem,” explained Kevin Kiernan and his motto for solving problems is to “keep it simple.”

Available nationwide at www.LastLid.com, the Last Lid retails for $10.99.

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