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Inventor Consulting Inventor Consulting
One on One consulting at every level of the invention process
You and Your Big Ideas Book: You & Your Big Ideas, By Brian Fried
You and Your Big Ideas! is all about you. Each chapter contains valuable information and advice that will allow you to achieve your goals sooner rather than later and at much less cost (emotional and financial) to you. To help you make your way easily and quickly through the contents, the book is divided into five parts. It also has a Best Bets section where I introduce the go-to people who have consistently been there for me and helped me reach my dreams while they simplified my life. There is a handy Resource Guide located at the back where you can quickly access the contact information mentioned throughout the book. From the initial idea stage to the final stage of commercialization, the inventor will find a friend and partner in “You & Your Big Ideas.”
Inventors Digest Inventors Digest Magazine
Inventors Digest magazine for Inventors
USPTO United States Patent And Trademark Office
Look up and search Patent and Trademark information, patent attorneys and agents, etc. The USPTO offers many resources for inventors.
United Inventors Association United Inventors Association
Since 1990, the United Inventors Association is the national membership organization dedicated to inventor education and support. As a 501(c)3 non-profit, the UIA offers non-commercial information to inventors and Certification to local support groups and invention service providers who comply with rigorous professional and ethical standards. We do not endorse any party, nor do we take part in commercial transactions between inventors and local groups or service providers.
Inventor Chat Inventor CHAT With Brian Fried
Chat one on one with Brian Fried on Inventor Chat and also check out the latest messages and videos for inventor tips to help you navigate through the invention process.
The Art of the Patent Art Of The Patent Book
Great collection of unique patent art in this book by Kevin Prince