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Brian Fried has always had a passion for coming up with new ideas.  He turned his hobby of inventing into an active business. To date, he holds five patented inventions and has an additional five that are patent pending under his company, Think Up Designs. Several of Brian’s inventions have been brought to market through manufacturing, as he has appeared on QVC and also licensing for retail distribution products from kids toys and infant products to kitchen gadgets. Another specialty of his is to create and license brand art properties which targets the teen/tween market. His brands have been placed in several retail chains such as Target, and other well known retailers in the US and Canada.

Since 2006, Brian has been volunteering his time lecturing throughout many Long Island public libraries, various school districts, inventors groups, Small Business Administration and other groups on the subject of inventing. It was through these experiences that Brian began to recognize that there was a great need for solid information and guidance. This was the inspiration for his recently published book, “You and Your Big Ideas” and the proceeds from his book sales are donated to various charities.

In 2007, Brian with support of Suffolk County NY Executive Steve Levy, founded and continues to run the Inventors and Entrepreneur Club of Suffolk County. Brian had served on the Board of Directors for the New York Society of Professional Inventors.

In November 2009, Brian started a live weekly radio show for inventors called Got Invention Radio, and has recently partnered up with Inventors Digest to host expert guests and resources for inventors.

Some recent accomplishments include Brian being awarded, Long Island’s 40 under 40 award and he also received a Proclamation from Suffolk County Executive, Steve Levy, for the founding and continued leadership of the Inventors & Enterpreneurs Club of Suffolk County on its 3rd year anniversary.

Just recently, Brian approached Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano’s office to initiate the Inventors & Entrepreneurs Club of Nassau County, which he successfully launched in January 2012 and serves as President of both the Nassau and Suffolk Inventors groups covering the Long Island region.

Brian is from Melville, NY and is 41 years old, married to Lisa and has an 13 year old daughter named Alana who is an inventor as well!

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Here is a recent article written by Brian:

I didn’t grow up expecting to be an inventor, it just happened that way.. especially when I got married and then when we had our daughter. When you start living with someone full time, you start to notice things they do that can be done differently. I noticed challenges in the kitchen and also being very actively involved as a dad, the different activities parent and kids do, that can be improved or done differently!
So I learned a few hard knock lessons in the beginning exploring bringing ideas from paper to concept and now my invention process is a routine for me as I have earned the title of serial inventor.
After working on my first idea and the next, I realized that I needed to move on as I would be infringing on someone else’s intellectual property- this is tough, especially in the beginning, when it’s so exciting and then realize that your bubble is about to burst. Once you start to be consciously aware of your environment and pay attention to what goes on around you, ideas just happen. And that’s when I realized that I am now laser beam focused on being an inventor and building a pipeline of inventions.
My first invention that cleared through a patent search came to reality.
My family started to go to these kid shows at the arenas and its a must to buy an $8 shiny character balloon. You take the ribbon of the balloon and tie it around the child’s wrist and it too tight where its cutting off their circulation or too loose where the balloon will fly away.. And that’s what I took notice of. After intermission, you look up and there are all the balloons making their way to the top of arena and you look around and there are kids crying that they just lost their balloon and the parents investment! Then we started to go to these amusement parks and the same thing, tie the ribbon on the wrist, on the stroller, on your purse, on off, on off.. There goes the balloon!
There had to be a better way.. There came the Balloon-O-Band( A wristband with a velcro like fastener, with a secured metal D ring was my patented invention.
1.You put the wristband on the kids wrist and
2. Tie a knot with the balloon ribbon through the D ring. Now kids and parents can take the balloon ribbon on and off anytime they want
And if it the wristband falls, its also weighted so the balloon won’t fly away! Two solutions in one simple idea.
There are plenty more inventions I have thought of and have seen retail by either licensing or manufacturing. Another invention Pull Ties(www.pullties), a solution to seal bags tight, which I both manufacture and licensed and have been an on air guest for 3 years on QVC shopping channel and is in Walmart and supermarkets; EggstraSpace(, a collapsible egg tray that expands and collapses to the amount of eggs you have left to save space in the fridge, which I was on an inventor reality show, shopping channel, catalogs and now preparing for a mass retail launch.
I also designed a snack container that I licensed and then my licensee secured a deal with Sesame Street.. So now my product has Elmo and Cookie Monster on it and now selling at major retailers!
Now, identifying a problem-solution opportunity, doing a patent search, designing the idea, making a prototype, securing intellectual property and understanding manufacturing/logistics and preparing to pitch to buyers or potential licensees are all simple routine now.. however at the beginning, you must treat your idea like you are starting a business and take it seriously- ask questions, find a mentor, utilize resources available to you to avoid mistakes that have already been made.. That’s why I wanted to help and get the word out through various channels:
•Founded and run the monthly Inventors and Entrepreneurs Clubs in both Nassau County (Jan 2012) and Suffolk County(since 2007) NY sponsored by the County Executives (free admission for all from anywhere are welcome).
•Authored a resource guide for innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs called “You & Your Big Ideas” available on
•Founded and Host a live weekly online radio show called Got Invention Radio since 2009, interviewing high profile inventors and resources for inventors
and since 2006 continue to present a seminar at public libraries and schools throughout NY called “An Inventor’s Adventure”, sharing an overview on how to take an idea from the napkin to
•Offer one-one-one inventor consulting, representation as a licensing agent, liaison during the invention process with various vendors and negotiate terms of various agreements on inventors behalf.

You need to take action immediately with your idea before someone else does- keep moving forward and bring that cloud of an idea and make it realistic. The greatest feeling is being able to see and use what you created and having others buy and use what you brought into the world.

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