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Interview: Akos Jankura, International Pitchman on Got Invention Radio


INTERNATIONAL PITCH MAN: MULTI-MILLIONS IN SALES:HSN, QVC-UK, ShopTV, 30-Minute Long Form and 2:00 Short FormUS, Canada, Europe, South America, Asia

BEST SELLING PRODUCTS / INVENTOR SCIENTIST CHEMISTS2O and Green For Life Multi-Purpose Stain Remover Concentrate /Lime Scented Calcium Cleaner / All In 1 Laundry Sheets / Micro Fiber Cleaning Sets / Laundry Pens / Renew FX Wood Care

Floor to Ceiling Laundry Pole / Oasis Light SpheresSurvival Steel / Flower Pot Wall Hooks / Onebrella / Plug + Safe Motion Sensor


INFOMERCIAL WRITER:The Ahh Bra, the most successful DR program in its category since 2010. (yes, he clearly interviewed his mother, aunt and girlfriend for language on the Ah Bra.!

MEDIA EXPERT / AUTHORITY:Featured for interviews and/or products in The Wall St. Journal, The Martha Stewart Show, Response Magazine, St. Petersburg Times, Toronto Star, Glen Beck Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Rachael Ray Show

NOMINATED: BEST LIVE SHOPPING ON AIR GUEST2011 Electronic Retailing Association D2CConvention / Moxie Awards

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