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Bill Adams, Inventor of the Suction Cup & Entrepreneur, Adams Manufacturing Corporation




Bill Adams started selling suction cups over 25 years ago. Adams Manufacturing Corporation is now the world’s largest producer of suction cups, and several other product lines have since been introduced. In 1976, Bill’s grandfather died, and he inherited $10,000.00 and began to work on inventions, wrote books, etc. Finally, Bill found commercial success after a couple of failures that took all his money, and began selling suction cups, driving around, peddling them to gas stations and tire stores to hang signs in their windows without leaving any of the tape residue. Then, Bill began selling them to Hardware, Office Supply, Craft, Card, and Gift stores. After three or four years, Bill had built up enought retail customers to sell to Ace Hardware, True Value, Do It Best, and other chains, expanding into K-Mart and Wal-Mart. Now, Adams employs approximately 250 people, selling to nearly all major retailers in U.S. and Canada with distribution in England, South, and Central America.

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