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Interview: ThomasNet.com -Find a Manufacturer and Other Resources for Inventorson Got Invention Radio

Brendan O’Connell, Director of Web Operations for ThomasNet.com and Paul Gerbino, Publisher of ThomasNet News (formerly known as Thomas Register) will present inventors invaluable information on how to find and research potential partners for making your prototype, finding engineers, CAD drawings (3d drawings) contract manufacturers for production, answer your questions about what the differences are between distributors, manufacturers, wholesalers and even how to promote your product or services through their media channels. Our presenters will also demonstrate how to actually navigate through their website and prepare you for this part of the invention process. With one million user sessions each month, ThomasNet.com is the world’s preferred resource for building and securing supply chains that require specialized parts, materials, components, equipment and more.

For inventors and entrepreneurs, it’s a destination rich with information and potential partners to turn their ideas into successful businesses. Whether they want to build a prototype, find contract manufacturers, conduct market research, or create buzz on their new ventures, ThomasNet can help. Great information and resource for inventors and entrepreneurs at all levels. www.thomasnet.com

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