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Interview: Thomas Colson, CEO of IP.com on Got Invention Radio


Thomas J. Colson is the President and CEO of IP.com. He also is a registered patent attorney with extensive experience in prosecution and litigation. As an inventor in his own right, his credits include holding five U.S. patents associated with software and business methods for the efficient analysis and management of intellectual property.

With such a combination of experience, Mr. Colson has become a recognized expert in the creation and implementation of intellectual property strategies. He has been a primary speaker at events sponsored by the American Intellectual Property Lawyers Association, ARMA, American Bar Association, Licensing Executive Society, Corporate Intellectual Property Institute, SIPO (Chinese Patent Office), Intellectual Property Society of San Jose, North Carolina Bar Association, LinuxWorld, American Chemical Engineers Association, Association of Food Scientists, Database 2002 of Tokyo, Upstate Alliance For Innovation, Women in Computers, Marcus Evans, and others. Moreover, Mr. Colson’s opinions on intellectual property issues have been solicited by members of the United States Congress, and he has been quoted in the New York Times, London Financial Times, California Lawyer, and many other magazines and journals across the globe.

His own articles on intellectual property have been published in Directors & Boards, Patent World, Ivy Business Journal, Chemical Innovation, CIO, Biotech, IndustryWeek, IAM Magazine, Patent Strategy & Management, Successful Meetings, Machine Design, Law.com, MIP, and Future and the Inventor.

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